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Boating Watercraft Accidents

Experienced Lawyers For Boat, Watercraft And Yacht Accident Victims

Florida in general and the Miami area in particular are hotbeds for boating and water sports. Unfortunately, so much activity inevitably leads to injuries on the water. If you or a family member has been seriously injured on a boat, yacht or any other watercraft, it is critically important that you speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer who regularly handles complex and challenging cases.

At Coral Gables-based Kurzban Kurzban Tetzeli & Pratt, P.A., we have the experience, resources and skill to maximize the compensation you deserve. If someone else’s negligence or the negligence of a watercraft manufacturer was the cause of an injury, you may be able to secure a claim for past, present and future damage compensation with the help of our internationally respected firm.

We Are Victims’ Advocates

Our team represents victims and their families throughout Florida, and we proactively pursue full and fair compensation through collaboration with top maritime, accident, medical and economic experts. Your past, present and future damages and burdens must be fully accounted for to achieve justice.

No insurance company or government entity will ever pay out the full compensation you deserve without top legal representation fighting for your case.

All Types Of Boating Accidents

Whether you were injured or a family member was killed, we can handle your case with precision and care. We have experience with all types of accidents on inland lakes and waterways, as well as beachside and offshore accidents. We can handle cases involving:

  • Personal watercraft collisions (Jet Ski, WaveRunner, etc.)
  • Speedboats and water skiing
  • Sailboats and yachts
  • Kayaks, canoes, paddle boards and surfboards
  • Fishing and tourist cruises
  • Parasailing accidents
  • Swimmers and divers struck by watercraft

We pursue all theories of negligence, including negligent entrustment to minors, intoxicated operation, running at night without lights, driving dangerously close to others, manufacturing defects and liability for substandard rental equipment.

A multitude of negligent actions can lead to boating accident injuries, and some of those include manufacturer defects. We are known for taking on challenging cases and securing maximized results.

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We are available at 305-744-5888 to schedule a free consultation. You may also complete our online contact form for prompt response. The first step to relief from legal and financial burdens is a consultation with one of our experienced attorneys.

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