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Defective Product Liability

Keeping Faulty Products From Hurting Others

Through product liability lawsuits, lawyers can truly make the world safer. The attorneys of Kurzban Kurzban Tetzeli & Pratt, P.A. are committed to using the legal system to remove dangerous products from the marketplace. We represent individuals and families that have been injured by faulty products, including everything from motor vehicles, breast implants and garage doors to construction materials, heavy machinery, and toxic chemicals.

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We believe that a large part of our tremendous success in product liability litigation is due to our policy of hiring consultants and expert witnesses. Our lawyers don’t believe that hiring an in-house adviser is a good idea; you can hardly trust such people to give you impartial views. We enlist engineers who headed major companies. If we have a case that involves a faulty, dangerous automobile, we hire the former head engineers of Ford or GMC. Then our attorneys and consultants go to independent labs in Columbia, Ohio, to fully investigate the alleged faults and come up with firm, solid data that can trump any company’s arguments.

Litigation Successes

Such practices require an amazing amount of work, but the results are more than worth it. In just one example, we gained a substantial settlement in excess of seven figures against Nissan Cor (The amount of the settlement is subject to a confidentiality agreement and cannot be revealed). Our client was injured in a Nissan automobile due to negligent design and/or materials used in the construction of the vehicle.

In another case, we gained a $535,000 settlement for a Dade County roofer who was injured while applying a new liquid chemical adhesive for use on roofs. Vapors caused by this adhesive damaged the skin and nails of the roofer’s hand and caused lung damage and chemical asthma. The adhesive manufacturer failed to give a proper warning and failed to advise of the safety equipment needed to use the adhesive. With this success and several others, we became a national leader in the legal field of toxic torts (visit our Case Results page for more examples of our firm’s success in advocating for our clients).

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