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Manufacturing Defects

Trial Lawyers For Injuries From Manufacturing Flaws

Most product liability cases deal with products that have dangerous design problems — lawn mowers that explode because the gas tank and engine are too close to each other, toys that have parts that break off easily and pose a choking hazard, etc. But equally dangerous are manufacturing defects in which a design was safe, but the product was constructed in a way that makes injuries likely.

The manufacturing defect lawyers of Kurzban Kurzban Tetzeli & Pratt, P.A. can meet with anyone who has been victimized by dangerous products. We meet with potential clients free of charge and do all our work on contingency, charging no attorney fees until we win a verdict or settlement.

Examples Of Manufacturing Defects

Our lawyers recently handled a case that provides an example of a serious manufacturing defect. Our lawyers took on automaker Nissan for manufacturing cars that used substandard sheet metal, which bent and broke too easily. Nissan’s design for the automobile was perfectly adequate, but simply needed up-to-code metal. Such motor vehicle defects are surprisingly common; there are no real safety standards in the United States for automobiles.

In another case, we helped the victim of a badly manufactured roof epoxy used for gluing roof tiles. The epoxy involved two different canisters, which were safe separately, but gave off noxious fumes when mixed. The roofers represented by our attorneys did not know to use gloves and protection when using the epoxy and suffered serious injuries.

In these and other cases, our attorneys are well-known for aggressively pursuing and winning large verdicts and settlements for our clients.

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