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EB-5 FOIA Litigation

EB-5 FOIA Litigation

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) plays a pivotal role in fostering transparency and accountability. KKTP’s FOIA work, in collaboration with other organizations with an interest in the EB-5 arena, seeks to aid regional centers and EB-5 investors by helping illuminate USCIS policies and procedures that affect their cases.

Below are the results of some of our FOIA work:

EB-5 Source/Path of Funds and “Currency Swap” Litigation

Topic: This FOIA request targeted records related to USCIS’s policy change on “currency swap” (or “Informal Value Transfers”) and related changes to USCIS’s adjudication of EB-5 investors’ sources of funds and the path of funds.

IIUSA v. USCIS, 1:22-cv-2687 (D.D.C.)

Key Documents Obtained:

Date Document Title
05/06/2019 IPO Training on Lawful Source & Path of Funds
05/10/2019 IPO Training on Lawful Source of Funds in EB-5 Adjudications
07/2019 IPO FDNS Screening Branch Overview
11/23/2020 IPO Overview of the EB-5 Program
04/25/2021 IPO Training on Adjudicator Use of the Department of State’s Consolidated Consular Database
05/18/2021 IPO Compliance Presentation on Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)
05/25/2021 IPO Presentation on Cryptocurrency in EB-5 Adjudications
06/17/2021 Monthly Case Discussion: Cryptocurrency Case Example
04/05/2022 Informal Value Transfers for Compliance Officers
Undated Cryptocurrency Q&A
Undated Undated ICE Homeland Security Investigations Presentation to IPO re: Cryptocurrency


All FOIA productions from this lawsuit can be accessed here. For full download, contact Kurzban Kurzban Tetzeli & Pratt, P.A. by email or phone at 305-744-5888

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