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Kurzban Kurzban Tetzeli & Pratt, P.A., is nationally known and respected for assertive and effective litigation and advocacy. Our attorneys represent our clients in cases in federal, state and administrative courts as well as arbitration. We have expertise in a wide array of areas, including contract disputes, tortious interference, trade secret and noncompetition, and qui tam/whistleblower/false claims act cases.

Here are some of our representative case results.

In ASSE Int’l v. John Kerry, et al, we secured the first precedent decision in any court confirming that private sponsors of foreign exchange visitors have a right to fight sanctions imposed against them. In addition, we obtained a ruling that the procedures the Government used to impose sanctions against our client were fundamentally unfair and violated the constitution.

$2 million dollar settlement in Miami /stock purchase for minority shareholder of US affiliate of a Venezuelan company. Only a few months after filing suit based on mismanagement by majority shareholders, our client was paid 2 million dollars as part of a confidential settlement.

$1.2 million jury verdict against the trustees of a union trust fund for fraud in the management of the trust fund. The firm was able to recover the amount of money for the union.

$1.2 million jury verdict against American Airlines for racially discriminating against black mechanics at its American Eagle subsidiary. This is the largest race discrimination verdict in the United States.

$1 million dollar settlement/stock purchase for another minority owner in a US subsidiary of a multi-national urban planning company that refused to honor the terms of its agreement with our client.

$800,000 settlement in Miami against Dade County assorted contractors for injuries suffered by an ironworker in the construction of portion of the Dade County metrorail for failure to employ safe construction practices.

$500,000 jury verdict for sexual discrimination against a secretary. Jury awarded in favor of the plaintiff for a hostile workplace in sexual discrimination of the secretary subject to rude and lewd behavior by her employer over a period of months. The behavior was so heinous that eventually the employee quit and filed a lawsuit for the treatment received at the employers’ hand. Jury awarded $500,000 after trial to compensate the secretary for the several months of abusive treatment received at the hands of her employer which left her powerless, defeated and distressed.

$240,000 settlement in a commercial construction case for destruction of property as well as personal items of the corporation when the property flooded. Condo association and bank settled with lessee who had his company files completely destroyed during water damage. Such settlement was obtained pre-trial after the condo association and bank were brought in to the lawsuit to help make reparations. Client was able to mitigate damages in attempt to resume operations as soon as possible.

$100,000 settlement for our client paid by a well-known Miami Dade county developer for failure to commence construction of a condominium development in Doral, after taking deposits from prospective purchasers.

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