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Mechanisms Of The Back

Mechanisms Of The Back And Why They Must Be Protected

The spinal cord, while protected, is vulnerable to injury in nearly every serious accident. Contrary to what many people believe, the spinal cord does not need to be severed to result in serious consequences. Damage can result from bruising, stretching or crushing. Virtually any damage can result in devastating consequences.

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The main purpose of the spinal cord is to deliver communication from the brain to other parts of the body. An injury severely interrupts this communication and the level of the spine where the injury occurred determines the organs or limbs that are affected. The spinal cord is a cluster of nerves that is typically divided into four main levels:

  • Cervical nerves: This is the highest portion of the spine — typically referred to as the neck. This segment of the spinal cord controls the back of the head, the neck, the shoulders, the arms, and the hands.
  • Thoracic nerves: The thoracic nerves, or upper back, control the chest muscles and the upper abdomen.
  • Lumbar nerves: Injuries to the lumbar nerves, or the lower-middle back, can impact a great deal of movement. The lower abdomen, lower back, and legs can all be affected by this injury.
  • Sacral nerves: This is the lowest portion of the spinal column, just above the tailbone. Injuries to this segment can impact parts of the legs, the feet, and the external genitals.

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