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C-sections and breech births

Many Florida mothers-to-be wish to deliver their children as naturally as possible. This often means having a vaginal birth. However, there are certain instances where the child may be in a breech position when the time comes, which could result in serious injuries to both the mother and child.

What Florida parents should know about induced labor.

Floridians may not know that pregnancies involving infants with a high birth weight might benefit from induced labor, which could minimize the risks of a difficult birth. In some cases, doctors induce labor at 37 to 38 weeks prior to the full term of 39 weeks. This occurs because the risks of waiting until full term to deliver may outweigh the risks of preterm delivery.

Basic safety initiatives greatly reduce tragedies in childbirth

The potential liability for tragic outcomes during delivery causes doctors' liability insurance rates to soar. Fortunately, Florida obstetricians, nurses and future parents can find hope in a Public Citizen Report that relates the impressive results produced as four organizations implemented new childbirth safety initiatives over the course of 15 years. Each organization used similar, basic methods to reduce the prevalence of devastating outcomes during childbirth.

Laryngeal nerve injuries and medical malpractice

A laryngeal nerve injury can happen before or during the birth of some infants in Florida. While the injury may occur due to the position of the baby's neck before birth, it may also happen during the delivery stage. The baby's head may be turned in such a way as to cause the injury, and this can result in vocal cord paralysis or bilateral paralysis. The baby may have a hoarse cry and may have trouble swallowing as a result.

Possible problems associated with vacuum assisted deliveries

When a woman delivers a baby in Florida, a doctor may have to perform a procedure to assist with vaginal delivery. Frequently, doctors use either forceps or a vacuum extractor in these circumstances. Some physicians might have preferences based on their experiences, but there are advantages and disadvantages that should be considered as well.

Possible injuries related to forceps delivery in Florida

When a baby needs help exiting the birth canal, a doctor may use forceps to help guide the baby along. A tube is attached to the baby's head, and the doctor will pull the baby out during a contraction. After the head is exposed, the mother will finish delivering the baby on her own. While forceps are generally safe when used properly, they can cause injuries to the mother and the baby.

What long-term complications do brachial plexus injuries cause?

Florida mothers whose infants have suffered brachial plexus injuries need to know the potential long-term complications. The brachial plexus is a group of nerves that begins at the bottom of the neck and extends throughout the shoulders and into the arms and hands. It consists of primary nerves called trunks and smaller nerve branches known as cords.

What is Erb's Palsy?

Expecting parents in Florida might be interested to know what exactly Erb's palsy is and how it happens. Erb's palsy is a type of brachial plexus palsy named for the first doctor to describe the condition. Around one or two babies out of a thousand get Erb's palsy, typically due to a birth injury. Newborns of mothers facing a difficult delivery could be at risk if an obstetrician or assistant uses too much force to extract the baby from its mother's birth canal.

3 common injuries in newborns

Nothing should spoil the joyous moment of birthing a child. More often than not, however, newborns can suffer serious injuries at the hands of a doctor, nurse or other hospital staff. It is important that Florida residents are aware of the more common birth injuries including stretch, avulsion and rupture.

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