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July 2012 Archives

Florida Highway Patrol negligence cited as cause of deadly crash

Many Florida residents remember the devastating accident in 2008 when fog and smoke covered Interstate 4. More than 70 vehicles crashed because of the road conditions, which resulted in five fatalities and 27 injured. When a very similar car accident happened again earlier this year, people all across the state wondered if more could have been done to prevent these accidents.

Lawsuit: Cruise line should be liable for bad weather, injuries

As many people in Florida know, there are different laws that apply to injuries that happen offshore. Tourists who get sick or injured on a cruise ship or other vessel may be able to pursue compensation from cruise lines that are negligent in protecting passengers and keeping them safe when they are onboard.

Court upholds $4.7 million ruling in wrongful death suit

People expect Florida hospitals, doctors and nurses to take appropriate precautions to keep a patient safe and healthy when they are undergoing surgery. When a medical professional fails to comply with these protocols, innocent patients can suffer a wrongful death as a result of this negligence.

Is July a hot month for medical mistakes?

Going to the hospital for any reason can be upsetting. A person is likely nervous or scared about the medical issue in the first place, but patients in Florida may also worry that a doctor is not experienced or up-to-date on a particular procedure. In fact, many people refer to something called the "July effect" that may be a factor in many cases of medical malpractice.

US Representative vows to challenge Obama immigration policy

A U.S. Representative from the Midwest says that a lawsuit challenging President Obama's shift in immigration policy for young undocumented immigrants could be filed in a few weeks. The lawmaker seeks to challenge the legal authority of the administration's policy on immigration that will provide work permits to up to 800,000 immigrants who entered the country as children. This blog has previously discussed the new immigration policy, which is still under construction in the Department of Homeland Security.

Recall causing headaches long after being pulled from the market

We have looked at how a defective product can put people in danger when it remains on the market. Companies have a responsibility to make sure their products are safe and provide proper warnings for use. When these fail, residents in Florida and across the country can get hurt or sick and the product may need to be recalled.

Same sex couple challenges DOMA in deportation defense

A same-sex couple is bringing federal litigation, seeking to challenge the Defense of Marriage Act in an immigration case. The couple is comprised of a Filipino woman who is facing deportation and her American wife. The two were married in 2008. The two have now filed a lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services and others.

Costa Concordia captain interviewed after house arrest

Since the tragic Costa Concordia accident, people in Florida and all over the world have been waiting for answers. The January maritime disaster has resulted in 32 fatalities and countless injuries. After the accident, the captain who was in charge during the cruise ship accident was placed under house arrest. He was recently released and has offered his version of what happened.

U.S. hits 2012-2013 fiscal year H-1B visa cap in June

Federal immigration officials say that the cap on H-1B visas has already been reached. The quotas reportedly were reached last month in two areas related to specialty occupations under U.S. business immigration law. The H-1B visa program allows immigrants who have highly specialized knowledge to obtain a temporary non-immigrant visa.

Immigrant takes citizenship oath at 102-years of age

A 102-year-old man stood from his wheelchair Wednesday for the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star Spangled Banner. The man held his hand over his heart and donned a small American flag, just one week before the nation celebrates its independence. The image was part of a naturalization ceremony on the West Coast, according to a report carried by WFLX-TV in West Palm Beach.

Acceleration problems continue to plague Toyota

Owners of some models of Lexus SUVs, manufactured by Toyota, may want to bring their car to the shop before any summer road trips this year. According to reports, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is seeking a recall of over 150,000 Lexus SUVs for dangerous and defective products that are causing problems with unexpected acceleration.

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