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Maritime Offshore Accidents

Offshore Accidents Can Quickly Become Complicated

Offshore injuries fall under different laws than injuries suffered on land and require lawyers with extensive experience in maritime and admiralty law. Quite simply, no other maritime law firm in the United States can match the reputation and experience of Kurzban Kurzban Tetzeli & Pratt, P.A.

We also help people suffering from serious offshore injuries. From law offices in Coral Gables, our maritime personal injury lawyers meet with all potential clients free of charge and do all later work on contingency, charging nothing until our clients win compensation.

Concentrating On Serious Injuries

Our attorneys have tremendous experience in hard-fought, challenging cases, winning many multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements because of our reputation and abilities.

Jones Act Claims

The Jones Act sets out federal laws that cover all maritime workers and tourists injured offshore. Unlike in workers’ compensation, which governs employment-related injuries on land, the injured person must prove that the employer or other shipowner was somehow negligent in causing the injury. For example, if offshore workers are hurt because of defective equipment on an oil rig or vessel, they can file a Jones Act claims against their employers.

Our maritime personal injury lawyers also help tourists who have been injured on a vessel. In one case, we represented a man who boarded a cruise and was injured. The cruise company insisted that it was not liable, according to the terms printed on the ticket. The man was blind, however, and our lawyers argued that because the ticket was not printed in Braille, he could not have possibly agreed to its terms. We won the case.

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