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April 2012 Archives

Could an apology really be the best medicine?

Patients who are victims of a doctor or hospital mistake can be angry, confused and frustrated. Often, they have a right to pursue a medical malpractice claim against a negligent party. How do the doctors feel about this? Some say they too get angry, confused and frustrated. Rather than denying fault, however, some doctors are trying a new tactic in handling negligence or malpractice claims: They are apologizing.

Looking for answers: Family sues teenager for wrongful death

In the wake of a devastating and fatal accident, family members who have suffered the loss of a loved one may not know what to do. Under the terms of the Florida Wrongful Death Act, survivors of a victim who is killed may pursue monetary damages from the party who is responsible for the death, but only for a limited period of time. Determining who that may be can be difficult in some cases.

News breaks that Rubio's grandfather was ordered deported in 1962

Murky details of Marco Rubio's maternal grandfather's experience with U.S. immigration officials are making news this week, as the Associated Press unearthed federal records under a Freedom of Information Act request. The details, however, are as incomplete as the immigration records appear to be sketchy. The AP says that the maternal grandfather of a Florida U.S. Senators was ordered deported back to Cuba in 1962.

Cruise ship passes by distressed boaters without giving help

An alleged breakdown in communication is being blamed for an incident that led to the wrongful death of two fishermen in the Pacific Ocean. According to reports, a cruise ship may have violated maritime law when it failed to stop and provide aid to three men on a small fishing boat. Two of these men died before they were eventually rescued.

Supreme Court to hear immigration law challenge Wednesday

Lawmakers in Florida have considered new immigration laws during the past two sessions, without passing legislation on the issue. Meanwhile, as this blog has previously reported, a number of states of enacted legislation that has received various levels of review in federal court litigation.

UN Refugee Agency says global asylum applications rose in 2011

The United Nations Refugee Agency says that the number of people seeking asylum in industrialized nations jumped 20 percent last year when compared to 2010. The agency issued its report in late March. The report covers applications for asylum in 44 industrialized nations across the globe.

Study: Heart device defect has caused 22 deaths

A recent study has determined that defective wires in defibrillators have contributed to the death of 22 patients. Doctors have been warned about the faulty products, but an estimated 79,000 patients in the United States have the wires implanted. While it is considered dangerous to remove the wires, Florida patients with defibrillators may want to be aware of the risks they pose.

Federal judge denies immigrant's class-action injunction in ICE raids

In February, this blog discussed a settlement of a lawsuit filed against immigration officials after Immigration and Customs Enforcement descended on a number of homes in Connecticut and conducted ICE raids. The government agreed to settle the civil federal litigation in that case for damages, and further agreed to halt deportation proceedings against a number of immigrants.

Should senior drivers take additional license tests in Florida?

Florida is home to many elderly people who enjoy the opportunity to maintain their independence. Some estimate that there are over 65,000 people over the age of 91 who still possess an active driver's license. While some say these drivers are among the safest on the roads, others say that diminished capabilities in older years contribute to numerous car accidents. The question remains: Should elderly drivers be required to take additional and more frequent license tests?

Will EB-5 visas help finance new home for Tampa Bay Rays?

Financing for professional sports facilities can involve complicated issues. Tampa-St. Petersburg leaders are reportedly looking at U.S. immigration law as a potential source of revenues for a new stadium for the Tampa Bay Rays. The actual source of revenues would be foreign investors, but the investments would flow through the EB-5 investor's visa program authorized under immigration law under an idea that chamber of commerce leaders have been studying.

Florida teen impersonates doctor at Osceola hospital

Imagine being admitted to a hospital, expecting the best care possible, and being treated by a teenager with no medical qualifications whatsoever. This happened last August when a teen impersonated a doctor at a Florida hospital. The fact that a medically-unlicensed teenager was not only given a badge to enter the hospital but was also allowed to treat patients in the emergency department is outrageous. Despite the shocking hospital negligence, the Osceola hospital was only fined $5,000.

Trayvon Martin death: Who else may be responsible?

In the ongoing investigation into the tragic death of Trayvon Martin, people have been focused on the fault of the man who shot the unarmed 17-year-old. The debate between whether or not the Neighborhood Watch captain acted in self-defense has been at the crux of the argument. Some, however, have begun to expand their view of who else may be at fault for the man's wrongful death.

ICE: 22 percent of deportations involve parents of US citizens, P. 2

In the last post, this blog began a discussion of the recent report to Congress from immigration officials on the number of U.S. deportations that involve the parent of a U.S. citizen.

ICE: 22 percent of deportations involve parents of US citizens, P. 1

While the political pundits discuss immigration reform and enforcement in an election year, a new study reveals that immigration laws affect real people, including many U.S. citizens. A recent federal report includes new information that has reportedly never before been released by federal officials.

When you may not be able to collect punitive damages

After fighting for his life and the life of his children, a man got some even worse news. The family had been trapped inside their Dodge Caravan when it caught on fire and burned all of them. They managed to escape and wanted to hold the maker of the car legally responsible in the form of a products liability lawsuit.

When you may not be able to collect punitive damages

After fighting for his life and the life of his children, a man got some even worse news. The family had been trapped inside their Dodge Caravan when it caught on fire and burned all of them. They managed to escape and wanted to hold the maker of the car legally responsible in the form of a products liability lawsuit.

Ground breaking at Miramar EB-5 visa fueled project

Developers reportedly broke ground on the first new office complex in three years in the Miramar market. The project is also believed to be the first in Broward County to break ground under the Immigrant Investor Visa Program, according to a report in the Sun Sentinel. The investor visa program is an employment-based visa program, often referred to under its classification under U.S. immigration law as the EB-5 visa program.

Wife of lobsterman sues after husband is killed in boat accident

When a person is offshore, there may be different laws applicable to certain situations. For instance, a Florida resident who is injured in a cruise ship accident may need to work with an attorney who thoroughly understands maritime law because there may be different factors to consider when seeking compensation. Injuries that happen offshore are subject to different laws than those sustained on land.

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