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February 2012 Archives

Should defense lawyer have consulted Kurzban's Immigration Law Sourcebook?

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit recently turned to Florida immigration attorney Ira Kurzban's "Immigration Law Sourcebook" in interpreting derivative citizenship as a defense to a federal crime. The case involved a man who sought to challenge his convictions of two federal charges because his criminal defense attorney failed to raise the man's derivative U.S. citizenship as a defense to the alleged crimes based upon allegations that the man had lied about being a U.S. citizen on an application to purchase a firearm.

Rental car company rethinks position on recall management

For a company that loans cars out to thousands of people in Florida, the mere implication that they are unsafe or noncompliant can seriously affect their business. After coming under public fire for not supporting a move to make rental cars safer, Enterprise Rent-A-Car is rethinking their stance.

Miami Marlin relief pitcher struggling with work visa issue

Pitchers and catchers are reporting to Florida for spring training. Absent from the Miami Marlins' training camp this year is Juan Carlos Ovieda, due to a snag in immigration. Many Florida marlins fans know the relief pitcher by the name Leo Nunez, who allegedly used a fake name to play pro ball. Now the Major League ball player is caught up in an immigration issue. He is working on obtaining a work visa to allow him to re-enter the country to rejoin his teammates at spring training.

USCIS announces Entrepreneurs in Residence program for immigration

U.S. immigration officials held a summit earlier this week to introduce an initiative dubbed "Entrepreneurs in Residence." Many entrepreneurs have studied in the United States, only to take that education overseas to start businesses that compete against U.S ideas.

Ecuadorean journalist flees to Miami, seeks asylum in US

A journalist from Ecuador fled from his native country in August with his family after receiving threats from people allied with the president of Ecuador. The journalist is now seeking asylum in the United States, claiming that he is the victim of persecution aimed at stifling free expression in Ecuador, according to his petition in immigration court in Miami.

How safe are you on a cruise?

The cruise ship industry has been under the microscope since the devastating Costa Concordia wreck. While the investigation continues into the crash, others are taking a closer look at the safety precautions on all cruise ships. When a person experiences a cruise ship injury or death, it is important to explore the conditions that led to the accident to determine liability.

Drag race ends teenager's life

A teenager engaged in a drag race in Brooksville, Florida with a friend died in a car accident resulting from reckless behavior last week. The tragic accident occurred at approximately 6 p.m., on a two lane rural road which connects State Road 50 and Mondon Hill Road.

College student seeks to renew asylum defense

A 21-year-old university student in the Pacific Northwest is sitting in immigration limbo. He was brought into the United States as a baby after his father was gunned down by police in the family's native country. The young man has only known the United States as his home. He had come here with his mother, who was deported when the young man was in high school. Technically, the college student has been under an order for deportation for seven years.

Feds settle civil rights, ICE raid suit with New Haven residents targeted in immigration raids

The United States Government has agreed to fork over damages and halt deportation and removal proceedings against a group of New Haven residents snared in a 2007 residential immigration raid. The government says the settlement in the immigration-related federal court litigation is not an admission of liability for the warrantless immigration raids that occurred in a predominantly Latino neighborhood on the Eastern Seaboard.

Large settlement approved in Florida wrongful death case

Calling 911 is what people do when they are in need of emergency care. However, with one small misjudgment, a Florida woman ended up losing her life while waiting for emergency responders to arrive at her house. The Boynton Beach commissioners have unanimously approved a $100,000 settlement in the wrongful death suit filed by the woman's husband.

DHS proposes to reform H-1B and F-1 visa rules

The Department of Homeland Security has recently proposed changes in employment immigration rules under the H-1B specialty occupation visa and F-1 academic student visa programs to make the programs more attractive to highly-skilled foreign students and workers.

Cap on non-economic damages being challenged in Florida

Since 2003, restrictions on the amount of money that can be collected by victims of medical malpractice have been in effect. Specifically, the limits pertain to non-economic damages. A recent case working through the Florida legal system is the first one to seriously challenge these limits.

Federal court requests ICE clarification in deportation cases

A federal appeals court has requested that the Obama administration clarify its policy on prosecutorial discretion in several individual deportation proceedings. The appellate rulings did not arise in cases here in Florida, but the unusual orders have caught the eye of many people interested in immigration issues nationwide.

Dishwasher fires ignite safety concerns

A household appliance designed to make kitchen chores a little easier has been causing serious problems across the country. Recent reports of charred kitchens, fires and completely destroyed houses have been filed in many states. Florida residents may want to be aware of the dangerous product, as the appliance is very likely in most homes.

Man charged with wrongful death adopts his girlfriend

A family was torn apart after a Florida man killed a 23-year-old man in a car accident last year. The parents of the young man have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the man who ran through a stop sign and killed their son. The accident already exhibits the man's reckless behavior, but now people are scratching their heads after he made another reckless move.

Hospital denies life saving surgery to immigrant

The story of one undocumented immigrant from Mexico reads like some kind of odd application of the Perfect Storm. Multiple forces have stacked up against the man's very survival. The story does not come from here in Florida, but from the West Coast. An immigration I-9 audit of the company where the man worked resulted in the immigrant finding himself without a job. The man has been undergoing dialysis for roughly eight years due to kidney failure. Doctors say that the life-expectancy of someone in his condition is about six years.

Florida woman suffers fatal injuries after fall on cruise ship

In light of the massive cruise ship accident off the coast of Italy last month, the entire cruise ship industry has come under much scrutiny. While the Costa Concordia accident has been a truly devastating and tragic event, cruise ships continue to sail all around Florida and people continue to be injured or worse on the ships.

In-state tuition bill for Florida children of immigrants hits roadblock

The Florida Senate Higher Education Committee dashed hopes for the in-state college tuition bill aimed at allowing Florida residents who are the children of undocumented immigrants to receive equal treatment in college and university tuition. A lifelong resident of Florida, who is also a U.S. citizen, spoke before the panel encouraging the lawmakers to move the measure forward.

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