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July 2011 Archives

Senate committee holds employment immigration reform hearing

NASDAQ CEO Robert Griefeld appeared in a Senate hearing this week to discuss immigration reform. The NASDAQ chief told lawmakers that studies indicate that for every employee hired under an H-1B visa technology companies in the United States increase overall employment by five workers. The ratio of increased employment is based upon research from the National Federation for American Policy.

Florida family can move forward with wrongful death claim

When a loved one's death could have been prevented, family and friends are searching for answers. Was someone negligent in preventing the accident from occurring? If so, can that individual be held accountable? Is there any way to stop a similar accident from happening to other people in the future?

U.S. Congressman arrested at White House deportation protest

A ten-term Democratic U.S. Congressman was arrested in front of the White House Tuesday. It is the second arrest in roughly 14 months for the U.S. Representative. Both arrests came while the Congressman was protesting near the White House regarding U.S. immigration issues.

Medical malpractice: what is the risk of a wrong-site surgery?

When patients go in for surgery, the last thing they typically think about is whether the surgeon will accidentally perform surgery in the wrong place. But this type of medical malpractice, referred to as wrong-site surgery, does occur and can cause serious injury or even death for a patient.

Investigation continues into car crash that killed Florida woman

Law enforcement is still investigating the initial cause of a multi-vehicle crash that occurred this past weekend. A Florida woman was killed in the crash and her husband and two others were hospitalized with injuries from the collision.

Two widows allowed to resume permanent residency applications, P.2

Yesterday this blog began a discussion of the so-called widow penalty under pre-2009 U.S. immigration law. The discussion was more theoretical in nature. Today the story continues with a discussion of two real-life applications of the law. Foreign nationals who may have suffered under the widow penalty in immigration law have until October 28, 2011 to petition for permanent residency. Florida immigration attorneys are aware that new petitioners will likely move more quickly than the two example cases that follow.

Two widows allowed to resume permanent residency applications, P.1

The road to permanent residency in the United States can take some time. Federal laws allow for United States citizens who are related to foreign nationals to apply for family members to become permanent residents in this country and eventually move toward becoming U.S. citizens. Florida family immigration law attorneys know a variety of visas are available for spouses, parents, children, siblings and fiancées of U.S citizens.

Dangerous alcohol wipes product may still be in stores

When a little boy was killed by contaminated alcohol wipes, the Food and Drug Administration launched an investigation which eventually led to a worldwide recall of the potentially dangerous product. Though the recall occurred more than half a year ago, some of the alcohol wipes are still on store shelves and in people's homes.

Wrongful death lawsuit to proceed in Florida plane crash

The family of a man killed in a Florida plane crash has finally overcome a lower court's ruling that their wrongful death lawsuit could not move forward. This week, the Florida Supreme Court ruled that federal aviation law did not protect the airplane company from this particular civil lawsuit.

Federal judge dismisses Diversity Visa lawsuit

A federal judge Thursday threw out a class-action lawsuit filed by a group of people who were told they had won a chance to obtain a United States green card only to learn later that the Diversity Visa lottery was invalidated because of a computer glitch. Florida immigration attorneys are aware that U.S. immigration law offers a variety of avenues to permanent residency in the United States.

Judge orders ICE to hand over Secure Communities documents

A federal judge has ordered Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the Department of Homeland Security and the federal Bureau of Investigation to provide the national Day Labor Organizing Network with documents related to the Secure Communities program. The network is seeking the documents under the Freedom of Information Act to find confirmation that the federal agencies have used the controversial Secure Communities program to detain and deport thousands of undocumented immigrants for minor infractions.

Midwife negligence results in medical malpractice claim

Florida doctors are expected to provide a certain level of care to their patients. Patients rely on their physicians and other medical professionals to address their medical needs. But when a doctor or nurse is negligent, the impact on the patient can be devastating. When this occurs, the patient can seek compensation by filing a medical malpractice claim.

U.S. permanent resident NFL draftee may face deportation

The interplay between criminal charges and potential immigration court consequences is at the center of a dispute involving a recent professional football draftee. Kenrick Ellis moved to Florida from Jamaica when he was 11-years-old. He grew up in Palm Beach County and attended high school in Greenacres, Florida. Ellis was drafted in the third round of this year's NFL draft. The football player currently has permanent residency status in the United States, a status he has held for more than five years.

Florida man wants to sue police officer after car accident

Florida Highway Patrol is still investigating a car accident that occurred this past Tuesday. The accident involved a police officer and a husband and wife. The police officer had been on his way to another accident that occurred moments before. But a dispute has risen over whether the police officer had been speeding by with his lights and siren on.

Something fishy going on with Florida seafood imports

The Food and Drug Administration prohibits the import of foods that would endanger the health of consumers. But in the past year, Florida officials have discovered that certain imported fish were contaminated with dangerous chemicals prohibited by federal authorities.

Employment eligibility verification in Florida can go too far

The news has been replete in recent months with stories regarding employment eligibility verification. Many states across the country have enacted state laws concerning the use of the federal E-Verify system. Florida lawmakers considered measures regarding immigration, but no bill passed during the most recent session. This blog has reported that all Florida state agencies in the state must use E-Verify under an executive order signed by Governor Rick Scott.

Army veteran may face deportation proceedings

A United States Army veteran and Reservist in the Navy is facing charges and potential deportation after a mishap while applying for a passport. The veteran is currently studying to be a nurse. The veteran thought he was born in the United States. He reportedly has a Florida birth certificate and a Social Security card.

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