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April 2011 Archives

Obama administration holds a second immigration reform meeting

President Obama reportedly has held a second meeting in Washington to discuss immigration reform. Thursday the president met with a number of celebrities and members of Hispanic media programs. A dozen people were invited to the meeting in the White House Roosevelt Room.

Family of fatal bus crash victim files wrongful death lawsuit

When a bus gets into a fatal accident, the results can be devastating. Often, busses are carrying number of individuals and the number of injuries and fatalities can be high. Just last month, there was a terrible bus crash on the East Coast. A father of one of the victim's filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the bus company.

Immigrants raise voices over Florida immigration bills

Bus loads of immigrants, including undocumented immigrants are swarming to Tallahassee this week. Groups are converging on the capital in an all-out push to voice their concerns to lawmakers over immigration bills under debate in both houses of the Florida legislature. Immigrant advocates remain determined to keep pressure on lawmakers as Florida discusses whether or not to enact legislation similar to that enacted a year ago in Arizona.

Injured cruise ship passenger dies after being dropped into ocean

Getting injured on a cruise ship can be a frightening experience. In many instances, a cruise ship is far from shore with few options of getting injured passengers to medical help. A cruise ship injury can occur as a result of an illness or simply falling down a set of stairs.

Obama holds immigration reform meeting in Washington

President Obama held an immigration reform meeting Tuesday with a number of immigration stakeholders. The President says that immigration reform is an issue that he continues to pursue during his presidency, but says in a statement issued this week by the White House he "cannot be successful if he is leading the debate alone."

Florida car accident caused by driver going in wrong direction

It is probably frightening driving down the road at 1 a.m. and seeing headlights approaching very rapidly. Like in many car accidents, drivers in this situation often have very little time to react before colliding with the oncoming vehicle.

Sugar and spice: not necessarily everything nice

Consumers often have to watch the news for product recalls that can affect them. But amid the motor vehicle and crib recalls, there is one that potentially could affect your health. Just recently, a recall was announced for turmeric sold in Target stores across the country, including the state of Florida.

White House to hold meeting to discuss immigration reform

The White House issued a statement late Monday saying the president has called bipartisan meeting on immigration reform. The meeting is reportedly intended to discuss the importance of fixing the "broken immigration system" in America.

Research shows hospitals not as safe as patients like to think

When a patient goes to the hospital, that patient expects to receive a certain level of care. Often times, patients do not understand the full extent of an injury or illness. They rely on their doctors and nurses to make sure that the appropriate procedures and medications are provided for them.

Jacksonville, Florida, restaurant manager to seek asylum

The 35-year-old manager of a Jacksonville restaurant received a four month sentence after pleading guilty to charges of harboring illegal immigrants. The short sentence is expected to end next week. The man was given credit for time served and the judge ordered the man be held for seven days to allow immigration officials sufficient time for the man to be transferred to immigration custody. The 35-year-old faces potential deportation to China.

Florida teacher crashes vehicle head-on into dump truck

In Florida on Monday morning, a car accident occurred when a car crashed into a dump truck. The driver of the car was a middle school band teacher who was likely on his way to work. He was seriously injured in the crash and flown to a nearby hospital.

Federal appeals court upholds block to a state immigration law

A federal appellate panel has upheld a lower court ruling barring provisions of a state immigration law from being enforced. States and individuals all across the country, including in Florida are watching as the legal wrangling continues. Many states are considering similar immigration proposals. A three judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, which does not cover Florida, has upheld the lower court ruling barring Arizona from enforcing provisions of its immigration law.

Would proposed Florida bill let nursing homes off the hook?

At a House committee meeting last week, a man shared the story of his father's death in a nursing home. His father had been eating dinner and was left alone by the staff, a situation that should not have occurred. He died after choking on his food because no one was nearby to help him.

Jacksonville man raises his albinism in deportation defense

A 36-year-old Nigerian man came to the United States with his family when he was the age of ten. The man's family left Nigeria because of their skin color. The 36-year-old has lived in this country since he was 10-years-old; he is married to a United States citizen and has three children who are all American citizens. The family makes their home in Jacksonville, Florida.

USCIS quickly reverses itself in same sex spousal visa cases

Immigration authorities say they have changed course again on how it will handle applications for green cards in cases involving same sex couples. Last week U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) officials announced that applications from foreign nationals married to a U.S. citizen of the same sex would be put on hold in light of the Obama administration's announcement that it will no longer defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in court. Shortly thereafter, USCIS spokesman Chris Bently said that government lawyers concluded DOMA must continue to be followed.

Are food products with artificial dyes unsafe?

When consumers think of dangerous products, defective car parts and sharp-edged play equipment comes to mind. In fact, past posts have discussed unsafe products like drop-side cribs and pool drain covers. But not all unsafe products are as obvious as those mentioned.

HB-1 visas are addressed in a provision of new Startup Visa bill

The Startup Visa Bill was recently reintroduced in Congress. A version of the bill was introduced last year, but never became law. In the current proposal there is a new little discussed provision that relates to certain current non-immigrant visa holders. Anyone who follows employment immigration issues in Florida may already know that holders of H-1B visas are allowed to live and work in the country. But an H-1B visa does not lead to the issuance of a green card.

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