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March 2011 Archives

USCIS announces future possibility for same-sex spousal green cards

There are numerous provisions that allow U.S. citizens to petition for immigrant family members of the citizen to become a permanent resident in the country. Experienced family immigration lawyers in Florida, as across the country, understand that many U.S. citizens have spouses, parents, children and even siblings who may not be U.S. citizens.

Florida man's family sues neighbor for wrongful death

It appeared that he was trying to simply calm the situation down when the Florida man approached his neighbor who was arguing with a skateboarder. The neighbor had been in previous fights with skateboarders in the neighborhood. The altercation escalated and the neighbor flashed a gun.

Student dies in rollover auto accident in Florida

Friends and family are trying to cope with the sudden death of a young man late last week. The young man had been an arts student at Carnegie Mellon University and was well-liked and well-thought of among friends and colleagues.

4-year-old born in U.S. sent back to Guatemala by border patrol

A 4-year-old American citizen recently traveled to Guatemala with her grandfather. The grandfather was traveling on a U.S. employment visa. The girl was born in the United States. She has a valid American passport. Her father was waiting at the airport to pick up his father and daughter after their return trip from Guatemala. Unfortunately, bad weather diverted the plane to a different airport.

USCIS to allow workers to self check their status through E-Verify

There has been much debate over the federal electronic employment verification program known as E-Verify. Miami employment verification lawyers know that various measures have been debated in Tallahassee regarding whether the state will make use of E-Verify mandatory for private businesses. The department of Homeland Security has announced a pilot project that is intended to reduce bureaucratic mix-ups in the E-Verify system.

Proposed Florida law could decrease liability for companies

New Florida legislation could make it easier for companies involved in product liability cases to avoid paying large settlements to victims, especially those involved in car accidents.

Man causes accident in Florida due to sexting while driving

Previous posts have discussed many of the ways that a car accident can occur. For example, some car accidents are caused by drunk drivers. Other accidents result because of weather conditions: icy roads, heavy fog, and severe rain.

Florida Senate committee amends immigration bill

The see-saw battle over E-Verify continues in Tallahassee. Senator Anitere Flores (R.- Miami) added an amendment to the Senate immigration bill that would make participation in the federal electronic system known as E-Verify voluntary for private businesses in Florida.

U.S. Army veteran fights against deportation

Immigration and Customs Enforcement reportedly is seeking to deport a former U.S Army medic. The veteran originally came to the United States illegally as a teen roughly 30 years ago from Trinidad. He worked in Florida orange fields as a young man and later received a temporary green card through an amnesty program.

Florida Community mourns the loss of four teenagers in car crash

Florida troopers are still investigating the fatal car accident that took the lives of four teenagers. The accident occurred on Sunday this past weekend when an SUV driven by one of the teens spun out of control and hit a wall on the side of the road.

Florida Senate and House introduce different immigration bills

Different versions of immigration legislation are under consideration the Florida House and the Florida Senate. The main difference between the two measures appears to be at what point in the process law enforcement will be required to check into an individual's immigration status. Both measures mandate that all employers in the state use the federal E-Verify system to check whether employees are legal residents.

USCIS plans to crack down on fake immigration attorneys

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is planning to roll out a new initiative this summer as the agency intends to crack down on individuals that act as fake immigration attorneys. USCIS Director Alejandro Mayorkas spoke about the initiative on Wednesday at the National Association of Attorney General conference in the nation's capital city.

Poor hospital procedures lead to excess radiation for babies

It is no secret that being exposed to radiation is not good for one's health. But many people are exposed to small amounts of radiation when they see a doctor and get an x-ray done. There are even greater amounts of radiation released when a patient undergoes a CT scan.

Vehicle recall: Mazda car owners get more than they bargained for

What has eight legs, eight eyes, is yellow and black all over, and has the ability to clog a car's fuel tank system? If you said Cheiracanthium inclusum, you'd be right. More generally speaking, the answer is the yellow sac spider, a spider that has recently been at the center of a recent vehicle recall.

Immigration laws considered in Florida and most US states

This blog has reported several stories regarding potential new state anti-immigration laws, in Florida and in legislatures across the country. In fact, Florida immigration attorneys note that a National Conference of State Legislatures report says every state in the union considered laws related to immigrants during the 2010 regular session.

Florida jury awards settlement in wrongful death lawsuit

Nowadays, cigarette manufacturers are legally required to put health risks associated with smoking on cigarette packages. Many of these warnings tell consumers that smoking may be hazardous to their health and can cause certain injuries, especially in pregnant women. But these types of warnings were not always on cigarette packages.

Senators say there is renewed interest in EB-6 bill

Last year Senators John Kerry (D-Mass.) and Richard Lugar (R-Ind.) introduced legislation aimed at creating a new layer of employment immigration law. The StartUp Visa Act sought to create an EB-6 visa for immigrant entrepreneurs.

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