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August 2013 Archives

Allstate report shows car accident frequency across the country

An America's Best Drivers report issued by Allstate Insurance in Aug. 2013 reveals that some cities in the U.S. see up to two to three times as many car accidents on an annual basis than others. Across the nation, the average person gets into a car accident once every 10 years. The cities that made the top of Allstate's list included Florida's own Hialeah along with Baltimore and Providence, Rhode Island.

Immigrants face greater scrutiny when seeking permanent residency

Anyone who has dealt with immigration issues understands how complicated the system is. The hurdles people often jump through in order to obtain legal status in the United States are often very high, which may be especially true when applying for permanent residency or citizenship.

Two-car collision involving out-of-control vehicle

Two people were taken to the hospital following an accident that happened just south of Florida Interstate 295. When a driver in his early 70s experienced a sudden medical emergency, his vehicle became out of control. After his car rolled into oncoming traffic, it collided with a pickup before both cars were slammed into a curb.

The issue immigration reform isn’t touching on

In 2002, former President George W. Bush enacted a program that allowed noncitizens to join U.S. forces and gain citizenship as a result. For many people familiar with the program, noncitizens are often under the assumption that they automatically gain citizenship because of their military service. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. As a result, many servicemen are missing out on their chance at citizenship.

Four injured after alleged stolen vehicle crashes

The driver of a truck that was allegedly stolen in Miami was charged with grand theft auto after causing a car accident that severely injured three passengers. According to the report, the car accident occurred after a police officer ran the vehicle's plates and discovered that it had been reported stolen.

Case shows importance of knowing criminal and immigration law

When undocumented immigrants in our state are charged and convicted with criminal activity, these charges a lot of the time can interfere with immigration proceedings. They can even result in deportation as well. And while residents here in Florida know that these situations occur from time to time, it’s often hard to consider just how harrowing they can be without seeing an example.

Where does immigration reform stand today?

The November elections are far away now and yet a large portion of the American population is still waiting for Congress to settle its differences and pass comprehensive--as well as much needed--immigration reform. But while some skeptics feel the day will never come when the unauthorized migrants in the United States are given a pathway to citizenship, new support from members of Congress may suggest otherwise.

Florida accident creates 11-car pileup

An accident involving at least eleven vehicles occurred in Tampa on Aug. 3. The Interstate 75 car accident created panic on the road when the vehicles allegedly collided in the two right lanes of the highway traveling southbound. The incident took place north of State Road 60 and reportedly left many in critical condition.

Beware of con artists, fraud when seeking immigration help

One constant truth about immigration disputes and the law in general is that the individuals who are dealing with the immigration issue need to seek professional legal help. We don't just say that because it sounds nice -- we say it because, more than most other areas of law, a botched immigration proceeding or an issue that is torpedoed by a scam artist (or some other form of fraudulent activity) can absolutely devastate a family.

Motorcyclists injured in accident with motor vehicle

A Florida motorist was ticketed for careless driving after losing control of her vehicle during a lane change and causing an accident that involved three motorcycles. According to the report, the car accident occurred when the woman attempted to make a lane change. She saw the motorcycles and attempted avoid them by swerving. She then lost control of her vehicle.

Suspect flees scene of fatal hit-and-run accident in Miami-Dade

A Miami-Dade man was killed in a hit-and-run car accident on July 23. The fatal car crash took place around 1 a.m. Miami-Dade officials have located the Cadillac Escalade that was involved in the car accident, but have not yet found the at-fault driver.

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Our firm is a recognized leader in immigration law and litigation. We handle the spectrum from family and employment-based visas to deportation defense and immigration appeals. Founding partner Ira Kurzban authored the Immigration Law Sourcebook, widely used by immigration lawyers, judges and government officials as the authoritative field reference.

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