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Florida accident creates 11-car pileup

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2013 | Car Accidents |

An accident involving at least eleven vehicles occurred in Tampa on Aug. 3. The Interstate 75 car accident created panic on the road when the vehicles allegedly collided in the two right lanes of the highway traveling southbound. The incident took place north of State Road 60 and reportedly left many in critical condition.

Reports allege that the accident occurred when a 33-year-old Arizona driver suddenly changed lanes and cut another vehicle off, resulting in the pileup. Witnesses at the scene claim that traffic had come to a stop before they noticed smoke and the multiple-vehicle crash site. Nearby motorists reportedly pulled over and ran onto the scene to aid the injured. Those involved in the pileup were transported to a nearby hospital.

According to authorities, the semitrailer truck was the vehicle that was cut off, and that initial collision allegedly started the pileup. The southbound lanes were closed so that emergency vehicles and medics could reach those affected. The Arizona driver was charged with improperly changing lanes. No fatalities have been reported although two individuals were reported to be in critical but stable condition, and four others were seriously injured.

Despite the lack of fatalities, the medical expenses and damages done to the vehicles involved in the pileup may be costly and inconvenient to the injured. After collisions like this one caused by a negligent driver, a skilled personal injury lawyer may work with insurance companies to arrange a settlement for proper compensation for the victims’ pain and suffering. In some complex cases where multiple parties could be liable, accident reports and eyewitness accounts can help the attorney pinpoint all liable parties in order to possibly maximize settlements for the victims.

Source: Tampa Bay Times, “Crash on southbound I-75 creates chaos“, Shelley Rossetter, August 03, 2013



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