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Immigrants face greater scrutiny when seeking permanent residency

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2013 | US Permanent Residency |

Anyone who has dealt with immigration issues understands how complicated the system is. The hurdles people often jump through in order to obtain legal status in the United States are often very high, which may be especially true when applying for permanent residency or citizenship.

Unfortunately, many immigrants may run into additional when trying to obtain a green card as the result of policy changes. Specifically, immigration officials intend to give extra scrutiny to Cuban immigrants’ documents when they apply for permanent residence.

Immigration officials are responding to revelations that a Florida man was selling fake Cuban birth certificates to certain immigrants. As a result of this, officials will be spending more time trying to figure out if applicants are providing falsified documents.

The United States and Cuba have had a tense relationship for many decades, and that is reflected in the immigration policy. Once a person from Cuba successfully makes it to American soil, they are put on the path to apply for a green card. On the other hand, those who don’t quite make it to the U.S. are sent back to Cuba. The most recent stance adopted by immigration officials adds another wrinkle into the mix, since people will face additional scrutiny even if they have valid legal documents.

When people are looking to establish long-term legal status in the U.S., the last thing they need is an unnecessary obstacle to stand in the way of permanent residency. A knowledgeable attorney can help clear some of those roadblocks and help families continue to build a life in within their new communities.

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