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Four injured after alleged stolen vehicle crashes

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2013 | Car Accidents |

The driver of a truck that was allegedly stolen in Miami was charged with grand theft auto after causing a car accident that severely injured three passengers. According to the report, the car accident occurred after a police officer ran the vehicle’s plates and discovered that it had been reported stolen.

The vehicle managed to lose sight of the police officer. She stated that once she found the truck again, the auto crash had already taken place. Three of the passengers that had been in the stolen truck were transported to a nearby hospital where they were listed in serious condition. The driver also suffered from minor injuries as a result of the accident.

Law enforcement officers also recovered computers and other electronics that were allegedly stolen. In addition, the driver may face serious charges if one of his or her passengers dies as a result of the injuries sustained during the accident.

In order for personal injury lawsuits to be filed in the state of Florida, the injuries that are sustained must be above a specific threshold. For those that exceed the threshold, the individual may be entitled to a certain amount of compensation to help cover a number of damages caused by the accident. For example, compensation may be able to cover medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage and punitive damage.

In many cases, however, the insurance company may attempt to settle for less than what the injured individual needs to cover all damages. An experienced Miami attorney may be able to help by using expert witness testimony and available police reports to show the full extent of the damage that was sustained by the individual. The attorney may also be able to negotiate a larger settlement for their client.

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