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Avoid these common errors during the immigration process

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2021 | Immigration |

Depending on the type of immigration and other factors, it can take months or years to become a U.S. citizen. Making procedural errors can potentially prolong the process or even result in application denial.

Avoid these common mistakes individuals make during immigration to the United States.

Missing or incorrect documents

An immigration application requires extensive paperwork. If you do not send important documents or send documents without the proper translation, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services will reject your application.

Even if you submit the correct documents, leaving portions blank will also cause a delay or denial of an immigration application.

Incorrect fees

USCIS will not process your application without the right fees. Closely review the fee schedule provided by the agency to ensure that you pay the correct amount for each of your required forms.

Missing signature

Applications without a signature receive an automatic rejection from USCIS. In fact, this is one of the most frequent reason for the denial of citizenship applications. You must also include a signature from the person who translated your documents if applicable.

Missing deadlines

After you submit your initial application, the agency may ask you to send additional supporting documents. They will request these items in writing and provide a deadline. Failure to meet that deadline will result in rejection.

Applying with the wrong status

The USCIS requires you to choose the right application class for immigration. For example, you can apply for spousal, work or emergency immigration. Submitting the incorrect forms for your status group will cause denial of your application.

Avoiding these common errors can increase the chances that the USCIS will quickly process your application for citizenship.



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