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Are medical records to blame for your medical malpractice case?

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2020 | Medical Malpractice |

You do the best you can when it comes to taking proper care of yourself by regularly visiting a Florida physician. Unfortunately, your health care provider may not share the same diligence when it comes to your medical records. 

Kaiser Health News explores how medical record errors can result in sub-par patient care and worse. Understand the importance of occasionally looking over your records for accuracy. 

Inappropriate medical treatment  

Say that your doctor, a nurse or medical staff included the wrong lab results or an incorrect diagnosis in your medical file. Such a mishap may cause you to receive inappropriate or unnecessary medical treatment. Such an error could also lead to an improper diagnosis. In either case, inaccurate medical records can lead to a great deal of unnecessary anxiety for both you and your doctor, not to mention unnecessary spending. 

Incorrect billing and missed emergency calls 

Something else to think about with poor medical record-keeping is that something as simple as an incorrect address could lead to your medical bill going to the wrong address. Should that happen, you may find yourself hit with late fees or problems with your medical insurance provider. If your doctor cannot reach you because your file has the wrong phone number, you could miss out on an emergency call vital for your overall health. 

Harmful medications 

While you may have issues with your kidneys, your medical records may indicate that you have problems with your thyroid. This may lead to your doctor or pharmacist prescribing the wrong medication. 

Advocate for your health by looking over your medical records every once in a while. A basic clerical error could result in a major health scare. 



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