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Lawsuit seeks to stop immigration agents from boarding buses

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2018 | US Immigration Law |

Miami residents understand that immigrants are the backbone of Florida. Many of us are from another country and appreciate the opportunities that the U.S. brings to its residents. Immigration policies are constantly changing these days, and a recent lawsuit against Greyhound bus services highlights the struggles immigrants face.

A California woman is suing Greyhound bus lines for allowing federal immigration agents to board its buses and check for citizenship on its passengers. The lawsuit alleges that the country’s largest motor coach operator violates consumer protection laws that bar unfair and unlawful practices. Greyhound does this by consenting to racial profiling by law enforcement, even though they say they do not discriminate. Many civil rights groups and labor unions are urging transportation companies to stop allowing immigration officials to check citizenship of their passengers and guests.

Immigrants in the United States are frequent users of buses and hotels in their travels. When immigrants are constantly worried about immigration officials targeting them because of their race, it can be nerve-wracking. A legal professional who is skilled in immigration issues can help their client with their legal issues. An attorney understands how important it is for their client to remain in the U.S. legally with their family and their career. They can make sure their client’s legal needs are being addressed and that they are treated fairly within the country’s immigration legal system.

There are a substantial number of immigrants in the Miami area. These immigrants are valuable members of our society and have legal rights that they are entitled to.



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