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Health examination for legal immigrants has changed

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2018 | US Immigration Law |

There are many people in the Miami area who are in the process of obtaining a green card in order to be a legal citizen of the United States. The process of obtaining a green card can be complicated, and a new policy change affects those who are applying for a green card.

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has updated a requirement to obtain a green card. The medical and vaccination process has been changed so that those who are applying for a green card must have Form I-693 signed by a USCIS civil surgeon no later than 60 days before the application. The form will remain valid for two years. Previously, a doctor was not required to sign the exam result so close to the filing date, which resulted in problems for the applicants because by the time their benefit was adjudicated, their I-693 had expired.

Green card applicants should calculate sufficient time for any laboratory or additional medical testing that needs to be done along with the medical examination that is a key requirement to obtain a green card. The policy changes for medical examination results will hopefully help enhance operations efficiencies.

Immigrants to the U.S. understand how complicated the process of becoming a citizen can be. Those who are interested in obtaining a green card may want to speak with an attorney who specializes in immigration. There are many different kinds of immigrants in the Miami area: those who are here for work, those who are looking to hire immigrant workers, students, visiting professors, etc. A person can easily run into legal problems that threaten their immigration status. In these situations, having an immigration attorney can be helpful.

There always seem to be changes to the immigration system in the U.S. An immigration attorney will work hard to achieve their client’s immigration goals.



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