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Woman dies after failed paramedic assistance

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2018 | Wrongful Death |

When 911 is called to assist in a medical emergency, it is expected that the paramedics who arrive will do everything necessary to help the injured or sick person. One would not expect that a paramedic wouldn’t do anything to help someone, but that appears to be the case in a recent wrongful death event in the Tampa area.

A Tampa area woman suffered a stroke after having a C-section a few days previously. Emergency workers arrived to find the woman passed out with a swollen lip and drooling. Two paramedic units responded to the emergency call and carried the woman down from the third floor. They did not examine her and later said that the woman’s mother said she would take her to the hospital. They did not get an informed consent from the mother of the sick woman and indicated in their logging system that the patient could not be found. The woman’s mother drove her to the hospital and she was later airlifted to another hospital in Tampa where she later died. The paramedics have been suspended.

When a family is affected by a tragic event, like medical malpractice, they may be facing unexpected medical and funeral expenses as well as the emotional trauma that occurs. A legal professional that is skilled in wrongful death can help their client figure out what happened to their loved one. They can review the medical records, police reports, and all information regarding the tragic occurrence and help determine what happened. They can hold the negligent parties responsible for their mistake and compensation may be available for medical expenses, pain and suffering, funeral expense, and other damages.

Health care employees, including paramedics, have a duty to help patients during the worst time of their lives. When they fail to do their duty, a patient can suffer.



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