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Visas for recent college graduates can be tricky

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2018 | US Immigration Law |

Many students come to the U.S. to study at our colleges. Once they finish college, they often want to stay and work. But, getting a visa to legally stay and work through employment immigration in the U.S. can be tricky.

There are a few visa options for foreign students once they graduate from a United States college. They can gain an authorization from immigration authorities called the Optional Practical Training (OPT). This allows a student to stay for 1 to 3 years to work in their field of study with an extension on their student visa. The other popular way for students to stay in the U.S., up to 6 years, is the H-1B visa. This is an employer-sponsored visa given in a lottery system. In order for a student to receive an H-1B visa, they need to find an employer to sponsor them. That can be difficult, as less than 25% of U.S. companies say they will be hiring foreign workers. The recent graduates are also competing with often more experienced foreign employees from across the world.

Recent college graduates who want to stay in the U.S. to work can find the process confusing. An attorney who specializes in employment immigration can help their client with their goal of working in the U.S. An attorney understands the visa process, what is needed, key pieces of information required, and the complexities that can arise. They can help both students and employers through the H-1B process and helping them meet their needs. They understand how important these situations are for employers and student alike and that legal help is often needed.

When students graduate from college, they often go out into the workforce. For foreign students, this process is more complicated and difficult.



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