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Victims of crime being deported as they wait for a visa

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2018 | US Immigration Law |

Miami residents understand that there are many immigrants in Miami and across Florida. These immigrants often come to seek a better life for their family. Sometimes these immigrants are victims of crime while they are in the U.S. For those immigrants who are victims, there is a special visa they can apply for.

A U visa is a special visa for those who are victims of crime on U.S. soil who are living here illegally. The visa is given so that these crime victims will help solve the crime and also offers a path to citizenship. Recently it has come to light that the U.S. government has started putting these U.S. visa applicants into detention centers and deporting them before they receive the visa. There appears to be an increase in the number of applicants who have been deported, although the U.S. government denies that their policies have changed. The visa applications are still active after they have been deported, but the wait can be years and often times the immigrant is separated from their family.

Immigrants to the U.S. often face many legal complications. There are many visas a person could apply for in order to stay in the U.S. and this can be a confusing issue for immigrants. An attorney who specializes in immigration can help their client wade through the visa difficulties. An attorney understands all of the legal issues that surround a visa being granted and understand how important it is for their client to remain in the U.S. where they are safe and with their family. An attorney will work hard on their client’s behalf to make sure their questions are answered and their immigration needs are met. They can help their client apply for visas for themselves and their relatives and put them on the path for citizenship.

Immigrants to the U.S. often are seeking a better and safer life for themselves. An immigration attorney understands these circumstances and works hard to make sure their clients receive the legal help they need.



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