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Landscapers on edge after recent immigration raids

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2018 | Employment Immigration |

Many Florida residents use landscape companies to make their yards an extension of their houses. People love to hang out in their yards and entertain friends, play with their kids, and just relax in nature. This is true for many Americans across the United States and summer is a particularly busy time for landscapers who are trying to keep up with their many clients. Many landscapers hire migrant workers to help them in their busy season, but a recent crackdown by the government is making them nervous for their employment immigration issues.

Landscaping companies in Ohio are dealing with recent immigration raids that is affecting landscapers throughout the United States. 114 workers were arrested because they did not have proper documentation. H2-B visas are used for temporary workers, like those who work landscaping. Landscapers rely on the H2-B visas more than many other industries and they need these workers to fill vacancies they are not able to fill using domestic workers. Employers say that these immigration crackdowns show that they are not able to find the labor they need on the H2-B visas they are offered.

Employers in many industries face an employment shortage. In Florida, the tourism industry, landscaping industry, agriculture, and others face worker shortages because so many rely on migrant workers. The current political climate in the United States is not conducive to migrant workers. The government continues to initiate immigration raids and is hostile towards immigrants. An attorney who specializes in immigration can help their clients with their labor issues. An attorney understands how important these jobs are for both the employer and the employee and their family. They can work to make sure their client’s legal needs are met and they are able to stay in the United States with their family and keep their job.

Employers in Florida and across the United States are facing an immigrant shortage in many industries. These employees are important in making sure the work is completed in a timely and cost-effective way.



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