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Immigrants accused of crimes not allowed day in court

On Behalf of | May 16, 2018 | US Immigration Law |

When a person is accused of a crime in Miami they get their time in court to defend themselves. Usually, everyone is innocent until proven guilty. But, for some immigrants seeking legal status, their time in court has not come.

Immigration advocates are accusing the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency of blocking due process rights for immigrants. They say that the agency is specifically targeting and deporting defendants who have not been found guilty yet. They have also used criminal allegations as the basis of a deportation before the immigrant has a chance to defend themselves. In some cases, ICE takes immigrants facing charges far from the court where they are to appear which makes it virtually impossible for them to return for their trial. ICE is continuing to arrest immigrants with criminal cases pending which doesn’t allow them to have a public defender assigned or have their criminal cases resolved. Many of these detainees are facing minor charges, but are not able to defend themselves or resolve their case before they are deported, meaning that they will never be allowed back in the United States.

In today’s political climate, immigrants may feel like they are being singled out simply by living in the United States. Regardless of circumstances, immigration officials may be constantly monitoring them and their families. If an immigrant is facing a legal matter they may want to speak with a legal professional skilled in immigration. An attorney can intervene on their behalf and make sure their rights are not being violated. An attorney understands the importance of remaining in the United States for their client and their families. They work tirelessly for their clients in making sure they are treated with dignity, fairness and respect.

Immigrants who are facing criminal charges in the United State need to have the opportunity to defend themselves in court. Without due process, an immigrant is not treated fairly which can result in negative consequences.

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