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President Trump declares an end to DACA

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2018 | US Immigration Law |

There are thousands of residents of the Miami area who are DACA recipients. These young people have established a life for themselves in the United States following their entry to the country as a young person. But, recently, President Trump made a change to this immigration policy.

President Trump recently sent out a tweet that he will not be making a DACA deal with Congress. He tweeted that the immigration situation is getting more dangerous and “caravans” are coming from countries to our south. Up until this time, President Trump had appeared to be open to a DACA deal and his announcement has surprised many in the immigrant community. He is also threatening to remove Mexico from the NAFTA trade agreement. This announcement may be because of President Trump’s belief that Congress is not giving enough money for a border wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

A legal professional who is skilled in immigration law can help their clients with their immigration issues. An attorney understands how important it is for their clients to remain in the United Stated legally and to keep families together. They understand that immigrants are important and valued members of Florida’s society and workforce. An attorney can help their clients by understanding their clients’ needs and making sure they are being met in terms of immigration.

The recent announcement from President Trump declaring his end to a DACA deal has many people in Miami worried. Immigration is not a simple issue. It’s complicated and, as a result, having an experienced attorney can be important.

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