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Dozens arrested in Florida immigration sting

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2018 | US Immigration Law |

Many people in the Miami area are from another country. Immigrants are the backbone of Florida’s economy and are valuable members of society. With recent political tension, immigrants are feeling singled out in their daily lives.

A recent raid on a Florida business by the Department of Homeland Security resulted in 28 people being arrested. The raid on a tent rental company in Fort Pierce occurred in the morning with the officials placing dozens on a bus and asking for their immigration documents. At this time it appears many of these immigrants lacked proper documentation and are now in custody.

Immigrants in south Florida can feel nervous while they are at their job, shopping, or hanging out around the neighborhood. With the recent political climate, immigration has become a top issue in the United States. A legal professional that is skilled in immigration can help their client with their complicated immigration matter. An attorney understands that this is a stressful situation and want to help make sure their client’s needs are being met. An attorney has the expertise and experience needed to tackle these complicated matters. They will also fight hard to make sure their client stays with their family and is given every opportunity the law affords them.

In these times, immigration issues are a tense subject. Those who are immigrants in the United States need a strong legal defense on their side. An attorney can help employers with their employment needs, those who have been detained for immigration violations, those who are trying to keep their families together, among many other immigration situations.

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