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Elderly may lose caregivers if immigration plan goes into effect

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2018 | Family Immigration |

There are many elderly people who reside in Florida. This population often requires special care in regard to their health and day to day tasks. The people who help the elderly population are often immigrants and may be affected by the recent immigration issues that are plaguing the United States.

There is a national shortage of nursing staff to care for the elderly population. Personal care attendants, home health aides, and certified nursing assistants have hard jobs that provide a lot of care for the people who need it most. A large number of these professionals are immigrants. An MIT professor believes that if chain migration is ended in the United States, that there will be a serious impact on health workers.

Many of these health workers rely on family reunification programs in order to bring their family together in the United States and start a new life. President Trump is seeking to end this program which could have devastating effects on many Florida immigrants. Immigrants who are in need of citizenship and other legal issues may want to speak with an attorney who specializes in immigration. An attorney understands how important it is for their client’s family to stay together. An attorney wants a family to all be together in the United States and will work tirelessly to make that happen. No matter what a person’s immigration issue, an attorney can take the time to sort it out and help their client as best as possible.

In this day and age, immigration issues are at the forefront of the daily news. Those who are in the United States as immigrants can feel like they are constantly being scrutinized. Immigrants are the backbone of our society and do important work, including taking care of our elderly population.

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