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Is merit-based immigration a good option for Miami?

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2018 | US Immigration Law |

President Trump recently gave his State of the Union address. Within the speech, he mentioned his new immigration plan, merit-based immigration. What does this mean for Miami immigrants?

President Trump has been working to change the immigration in the United States since he became president. In his State of the Union address he said that he would like to change the immigration system from family reunification to basing it on individual qualifications. This merit system would favor immigrants who are educated and speak English, likely leaving those behind who are less educated and cannot speak English, like many farm workers and hotel workers. Those who are opposed to a merit-based system said that it is against workers that are needed in the U.S., including construction and agricultural workers.

Immigrants in the Miami area may feel confused and wonder if they will ever be comfortable in the United States. It seems like every week there is another attack on immigrants. Immigrants who need help with immigration issues including green cards, visa applications, or other issue may want to speak with a legal professional who is skilled in U.S. immigration law. An attorney has the legal knowledge necessary to help their client with their unique immigration needs and understands that the law is constantly changing. Keeping families together is a priority, along with helping immigrants receive the status they need.

The status of immigrants in the United States is constantly changing. It is a nerve racking time for many in the Miami area. Having an immigration attorney who cares about their status can be helpful.

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