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Somali immigrants detained in Miami allege mistreatment

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2018 | Citizenship |

Miami is a city of immigrants. Many of its residents are citizens from other countries who wish to remain in the United States. Often this is a complicated process with many different governmental agencies involved. Recently, a lawsuit was filed against the federal government alleging maltreatment of Somali immigrants.

A lawsuit was recently filed on behalf of 92 Somalis who are being held in two Miami detention centers. The lawsuit was filed by the University of Miami’s immigration law clinic along with Legal Aid Service of Broward County, Americans for Immigrant Justice, and the James H. Binger Center for New Americans claiming that the Somalis were shackled, beaten and prevented from using the bathroom while they were on a plane while in U.S. custody. The Somalis were put on a plane to return to Somalia but wound up in Senegal in West Africa. They sat on a runway for 23 hours before they were returned to Miami. During the 48 hours they were on the plane they were bound at their wrist, waist, and legs and forced to stay seated. Immigration and Customs Enforcement allegedly kicked, choked and dragged some of the detainees down the aisles and put some in straitjackets. The suit requests that the detainees not be returned to Somalia where they may face torture and death from the terrorist group Al Shabab.

Those who are facing immigration issues may feel like everyone is against them. These situations are serious and those who are in the midst may want to speak with a legal professional who is skilled in immigration issues. An attorney can help their client work through their immigration issues and offer suggestions. They can fight for the right for their clients to stay in the United States where they have family, jobs, homes, and have made a life for themselves. They are advocates for those who need help with their immigration problems.

Deportation issues are common in Miami. Having an attorney who understands the nuances for these situations can help make sure a family stays together.

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