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Cashews with glass in the packaging leads to product recall

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2017 | Products Liability |

For Miami residents who purchase an item, the last thing they will be thinking about is that it will be manufactured, produced, packaged and sold if there is a danger to it or a flaw within it. However, it does happen with a variety of products including food. While vigilant companies will do what they can to prevent this from happening and will take steps for a product recall if it is found to be dangerous in some way, problems will still happen. If a person is injured, suffers an illness or dies because of a food item, it could be the basis for a products liability lawsuit.

A recall was initiated by a company that sells packaged cashews. According to the complaints, customers found pieces of glass in some of the packages. These cashews were halves and pieces with sea salt. The company initiated a recall in 28 states and Washington D.C. where the cashews are sold including locations in Florida. The recall notice states that there have yet to be injuries reported due to the glass. It is noted that cashews can stay fresh for an extended period, so it is possible that there were items sold in the past that might have been afflicted with the glass and customers are not aware. The “best by” dates were November 27-28 of 2018. Those who might have purchased these cashews are advised not to eat them and seek a refund.

The problems with a defective product are multi-faceted. A person might have become ill or been injured after eating a food and not realize that there was a link between the two. These illnesses or injuries can cause significant damage, make a person ill enough that hospitalization is necessary, have long-term problems and even result in a fatality. When there is a belief that this has happened, it is vital to have legal advice to determine what to do next.

With these cashews, it is being reported that no one was injured or made ill yet, but as with any dangerous product, it is possible that those who were hurt do not even know that this was why. If there is a belief that there was damage done because of a dangerous food product or any other product, speaking to a legal professional about a lawsuit is essential and should be done immediately.

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