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Company issues product recall of dangerous chests and dressers

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2016 | Products Liability |

When Floridians purchase a product, they are expecting it to be safe when they use it. Whatever the product may be, when there is something wrong with the product’s construction or should it pose a hazard when it is installed, there can be injuries and even death.

The company should be informed of these dangers, as it will often enact a recall to remove the product from the market. However, if there were people who suffered consumer injury or consumer death, those who were affected need to understand the possibility of filing a product liability lawsuit.

The furniture company IKEA is recalling millions of dressers after children died from these items tipping over. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, these furniture items are not stable if they have not been anchored to the wall in the correct manner. This can lead to them tipping over and entrapping children. These items were sold up until June 2016. They are models that have between three and six drawers.

With this recall, approximately 29 million products will have to be returned. Those who have a recalled item are advised not to use it and not to have it near children. According to news reports, six children have died as a result of this furniture tipping over.

When there is an injury or death at home, it is unexpected and shocking. This is especially true when the accident that precipitated the injury or fatality involved something as seemingly innocuous as a piece of furniture. It is an unfortunate reality that accidents can happen at any time. But when it is due to a dangerous product, the tragedy is compounded because it did not have to happen.

With these IKEA chests and dressers, the recall has been put into place to try and prevent anyone else from being hurt or killed. However, that does not eliminate the responsibility of the company for what happened. Those who have lost a loved one or had a loved one suffer an injury because of a dangerous item might not even know how to hold the manufacturer accountable. Speaking to an attorney who is experienced in lawsuits related to a product recall can help with deciding if there is an opportunity to receive compensation through litigation.

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