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Birth control packagining error may have lead to pregnancies

On Behalf of | Nov 23, 2015 | Products Liability |

In 2011, there were eight brands of birth control pills recalled by Qalitest Pharmaceuticals. There was an error on the packaging, which resulted in the weekly tablet order being reverses.

The placebo pills, which are meant for women to take during menstruation, were flipped 180 degrees. Women must take birth control pills in the right order in order for them to be effective.

Qualitest is now being sued by 113 women who claim that the packaging error resulted in 99 unwanted pregnancies. Ninety women gave birth.

The lawsuit was filed in Pennsylvania, which is where Endo Pharmaceuticals, Qualitest’s parent company, is located. However, two other companies, Patheon and Vintage Pharmaceuticals, are also named as defendants in the lawsuit.

The suit seeks damages in the millions of dollars, including recovery for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages and the expenses of raising a child to the age of 18. Some states also let the damages include college costs.

A similar lawsuit in Georgia was not given class-action certification by a federal judge. When certification was denied, this lawsuit was filed.

Pharmaceutical recalls occur frequently and may be the result of a recall by the Food and Drug Administration or the drug company. It can be difficult to know whether the medication you take is part of a recall. It is best to check the FDA website for recall information. The pharmacist who fills your prescription should be well informed about drug recalls, too.

If you were harmed by a recalled drug, a Florida products liability attorney can help you seek the compensation you deserve.

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