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Family evacuates after car crashes into their house

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2013 | Car Accidents |

Motor vehicle accidents can affect more than just motorists. If a driver strikes a pedestrian or other stationary object in a car accident, serious injury or damage can result. Such occurrences can happen at the most unexpected times, as a Miami household was unfortunate enough to discover recently.

According to police, the accident happened on Feb. 17 at around 11 a.m. Reportedly, a household resident was using his computer upstairs when he heard a car crash into the side of the house. He rushed downstairs to help the two occupants out of the vehicle.

The resident said the driver was unconscious at the wheel of the car, but her 9-year-old daughter was frantically crying for help. The girl said that her mother had possibly fallen asleep or fainted due to medical issues. The mother and daughter were taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries. They are expected to make a full recovery. The occupants of the house have reportedly had to move out. The damage from the car’s impact made the walls unstable, according to structural inspectors.

Under some circumstances, auto insurance companies are required to pay for medical expenses or structural damages that result from car accidents. When crashes happen, victims would do well to take the steps to learn what they can claim as rightful compensation for injuries or damage.

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