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Teen killed in shrimp boat accident

On Behalf of | Aug 14, 2012 | Cruise Ship Injuries |

There are different laws that govern injuries and accidents that happen offshore. People across Florida who are on a cruise ship or who work on an offshore vessel or oil rig may want to know that there are additional legal options in place for any person who is killed or injured in an offshore accident.

For example, a victim of a maritime accident may be able to file a lawsuit against an employer under the Jones Act if negligence played a role in causing the offshore incident. The family of one young boy may choose to pursue this type of claim and financial compensation from his employer after he was tragically killed while working on a shrimp boat.

Many people have seen the dangers of commercial fishing on reality shows on TV. However, the recent devastating accident was all too real for those on the shrimping vessel off the coast of Mississippi. While the workers on board were pulling up their nets and checking them, the 15-year-old victim got caught up in a device that pulls in the cables. He suffered serious head trauma and later died from his injuries.

Reports say that the young boy was operating the winch, which is a mechanical device that controls the tension on the cables. Workers felt the cable going out and by then, they discovered that the young boy’s shorts were caught in the device which caused the fatal injury.

While they are likely dealing with the trauma of losing their loved one, the victim’s family may eventually want to seek damages from the boy’s employer. While they cannot replace a loved one, damages may cover medical bills, funeral costs and pain and suffering.

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