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Woman’s family sues cruise ship after woman dies onboard

On Behalf of | May 9, 2012 | Cruise Ship Injuries |

Traveling on a cruise ship can be a relaxing, peaceful vacation for Florida residents. Many people board cruise ships hoping to enjoy themselves and the amenities offered on many of the ships. However, one woman’s vacation ended too quickly when she suffered fatal offshore injuries on board a cruise ship. The victim’s family is now suing Carnival Cruise lines, citing crew negligence as the reason the woman died.

According to the lawsuit, the woman had enjoyed a couple cocktails on board in the casino. She was not gambling, but was watching as others won around her and bought additional drinks for people. After about four drinks, the woman started feeling sick. She headed back to her room.

In her room, the woman fell over when she got up for some water. She fell on a glass and seriously cut her arm. She was bleeding profusely when crew members responded to an emergency call from her family member. The first responders were not medically trained and could not help the woman.

Eventually, a nurse responded to the accident. After several failed attempts to transport the woman to the infirmary – including putting her in a canoe, carrying her, and using a wheelchair – crew members were finally able to get her there. The entire transfer from her room to the infirmary took more than 30 minutes. The whole time, the woman was losing blood and suffering. She ultimately experienced cardiac arrest from losing so much blood and died on the ship.

The lawsuit is claiming that the staff was negligent in several instances. First, they should have monitored the woman when she left the casino; especially if it is proven that she had been over served. Additionally, the emergency responders should have been properly trained to handle medical situations, and the transport to the infirmary was shockingly substandard. If the crew members had been correctly and thoroughly trained, the woman may never have died.

Injuries and deaths that happen offshore may fall under different laws than those sustained on land. Victims of these accidents may want to contact an attorney who specifically understands maritime law to ensure they receive the compensation they may deserve.

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