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Registering children’s products could save lives

On Behalf of | Jan 9, 2012 | Products Liability |

Most Florida parents would do anything to keep their children safe. They buy the safest cars, carefully monitor foods children eat, and teach them not to talk to strangers. From crossing the street to limited Internet exposure, a parent has much to worry about in terms of protecting children. When it comes to unsafe products, however, parents may be neglecting one of the easiest steps in safety.

There have been numerous recalls of children’s toys and equipment in previous years. Cribs have been found to have faulty hinges or toys are found to pose a choking hazard. Millions of these products are recalled every year because of defects. What can parents do to prevent injuries as a result of these products?

All they need to do is complete a quick registration form. Federal law requires all companies that make products for infants and toddlers to include the form with each product. This includes cribs, strollers, play yards and other items. If a parent registers an item that has to be recalled, a company can notify parents immediately by using the contact information provided on the registration.

It may be important to note that it is illegal for anyone to use the registration information for anything other than notification of recalls.

Registering children’s items can save lives. A dangerous product can cause devastating injuries or even death. With the notification system, these can be avoided. However, this may not help those who purchase second-hand products, which is very common.

In the event that a product is responsible for serious injury or wrongful death, the company must be held accountable. Ultimately, companies are responsible for removing unsafe products from the market and if they fail, victims may be compensated.

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