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The scoop: Popular kitchen tool recalled

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2011 | Products Liability |

One of the most popular traditions of the holiday season is for families and friends to come together and eat. All across Florida, people will be enjoying some delicious food and maybe topping it off with some dessert. Just be careful with that ice cream scoop.

A recent recall of the Pampered Chef aluminum ice cream scooper serves as a warning of possible injuries caused by the item.  The maker of the scoop is a Florida-based company called Zeroll Company. After receiving reports of some minor injuries resulting from the scoop, the company has voluntarily recalled the product.

The ice cream scoop is filled with a liquid that uses the body heat from a hand to make ice cream easier to scoop. When the scoop comes into contact with warm water, the seal and cap that are at the end can fly off with great force. In some of the cases reported, users experienced bruising, cuts and redness as a result of getting hit by the cap. Additionally, damage can be caused to household items when the caps hit them.

In a press release titled “Impact Injury Hazard” the company details the dangers associated with using the scoop. It is estimated that 20,000 of these scoops are in homes, so caution is encouraged. Those who have the item can file a report and request a replacement.

A total of 16 people have reported the faulty scoops. There have been six cases of physical injuries reported.

People who are injured by a defective product may need to seek medical treatment. Long-term injuries can be sustained as well. Reimbursement for these damages may be available for those affected.

Source: Consumer Reports, “Recall: Pampered Chef ice cream scoops pose an ‘impact injury hazard’,” Dec. 20, 2011



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