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Florida pools could be shut down after drain covers recalled

On Behalf of | Jun 2, 2011 | Products Liability |

As the weather continues to get warmer, more and more Floridians will likely be spending more time outdoors enjoying the many activities that Florida has to offer. Even vacationers will be flooding south to enjoy the beautiful weather. But just recently, the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission made an announcement that could put a damper in people’s summer plans.

Just last week, the CPSC recalled a number of safety drain covers that are used in pools and spas. The recall was announced because some drain covers could be considered dangerous products, posing a potential danger to pool users.

Although there had been concern in previous years about entrapment hazards, the CPSC believes that there are still some drain covers that can injure or kill swimmers and bathers. Pool drain covers caused multiple fatalities and injuries to many more.

Two counties have encouraged public pools to consider shutting their doors until the pool drain covers are replaced. Homeowners are also being encouraged to check their pool and spa drains as well. Closing pools could have an impact on the communities; state officials are still trying to determine how it will affect businesses, families and vacationers.

Recalls are announced in order to protect consumers from injuries or even death. Past incidents caused by pool drain covers involved people being trapped under water. The suction of the water was too strong for the covers, causing swimmers to get stuck. The recall is intended to decrease the number of those incidents in the future.

Though the recall is voluntary, CPSC announced that they would be inspecting public pools. If any pool is found with the recalled drain covers still in use, that pool could face closure.

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