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Man suspected of Florida hit-and-run accident caught

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2011 | Car Accidents |

It is no secret that some car accidents are deadly, especially when one vehicle is much larger than the other vehicle. Similarly, when a vehicle strikes a pedestrian, the collision can mean serious injury and even death.

In late January of this year, a driver was involved in a fatal car accident in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. According to the court records, the driver had been in his vehicle when he struck a man who was apparently on the side of the road. The driver then fled the accident scene. Though he apparently thought he could run, he could not hide as police found and arrested him several states away.

The arrest came last week on Friday when law enforcement tracked the man from Florida to Kansas, where the crash vehicle was found, to Illinois. People who saw the accident gave police investigators the car’s license plate number. Officials believe that the man arrested in Illinois is the same man who was the driver in the hit-and-run accident.

Right now, there is little information in this article as to what specific charges the driver is facing. Regardless, there is still one thing that is for certain: a family will never get their loved one back.

What if the accident victim had been a father? A husband? What happens to his family now that he is gone? While his loved ones are likely trying to deal with their painful loss, they will also be facing issues like lost wages and even funeral expenses. In some situations like this, a victim’s family can file a wrongful death claim against a negligent driver. While no amount of money can bring back a loved one, it can help to eliminate the financial stress a family may face.

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