Kidney Specialists (Nephrologists)

Once a physician has detected protein or blood in your urine (proteinuria), it is incumbent upon him or her to refer you to a kidney specialist. This is because proteinuria is one of the first signs of a kidney condition, ailment or disease. A doctor that specializes in the kidney is called a nephrologist. Only a nephrologist can provide the specific medical attention that is required for a patient with a kidney disease, especially since most kidney conditions, particularly chronic kidney disease (CKD), require ongoing monitoring, testing and treatment.

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Who Is a Nephrologist?

Nephrology is the area of internal medicine focused on the kidneys. ("Nephros" is the Greek word for renal or kidney.) A nephrologist is a doctor and primary trained internist who has specialized training in the area of kidney disease. A common misconception is that a patient with a kidney condition needs to see a urologist. This is incorrect, as an urologist does not specialize in the kidneys. Instead, it is the nephrologist who works in internal medicine and is highly trained in this specific area alone.

A nephrologist goes to medical school like all doctors and focuses on internal medicine. A nephrologist must first complete a three-year residency in internal medicine and pass the boards before he or she can then go on to obtain further specialized training in kidney disease (this is required).

The specialized training is completed in a two- or three-year fellowship. Fellowships are generally only for those who were in the top of his or her class. These doctors work with top nephrologists in an "internship." As you can see, nephrologists require extensive education and medical training.

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