Kidney Diseases

Kidney Diseases and Renal Failure

Chronic Kidney Disease • Advanced Kidney Disease • End-Stage Renal Disease/Kidney Failure

Millions of Americans suffer from kidney disease. Kidney disease can be caused by infections, illness, high blood pressure, exposure to toxic levels of drugs, and direct physical trauma. In some cases the causes may be unknown.

There are several types of kidney disease, at least two of which can be diagnosed and treated before they become life-threatening: glomerulonephritis and light chain deposition disease.

Unfortunately, many of the people now suffering the effects of kidney disease could be enjoying healthier lives if their doctor had tested for kidney disease and properly referred the patient to a specialist for further examination. In the early stages, thorough urine tests and possibly a biopsy can lead to an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. With the right medical care, kidney disease can possibly be stopped at the chronic stage or may even be reversed. When a doctor, clinic or health care professional provides substandard care, it puts patients' lives at stake and ruins whole families.

The Progression of Kidney Disease

Kidney disease and kidney trauma can result in diminished function of the kidneys over a long period of time (chronic kidney disease), or can lead to massive kidney failure (acute renal failure).

  • Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a gradual but continual loss of kidney function over time, often many years. A proper diagnosis during the chronic phase of kidney disease can allow for treatment that could minimize or possibly even reverse the course of the disease. According to the National Kidney Foundation, one in nine Americans suffers from CKD. People with chronic kidney disease are at high risk for heart attack, high blood pressure and may develop end stage renal failure.
  • End stage renal failure (ESRD) is the total or almost total loss of kidney function. It is a permanent condition. People suffering from ESRD must receive kidney dialysis treatments or receive a kidney transplant to avoid death.
  • Acute renal failure (ARF) refers to the sudden loss of healthy kidney function. ARF can be caused by severe force trauma or blood loss from an accident. It can also be caused by a drug overdose (from a prescription error or ingestion of other substances) in certain disease processes.

Do You Suspect Medical Malpractice Delayed Your Treatment?

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