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Reasons To Consider Minimally-Invasive Heart Treatment In Florida

Reasons To Consider Minimally-Invasive Heart Treatment In Florida

On behalf of Jed Kurzban

See why patients and doctors alike have much to gain from less-invasive treatment

If you ever experience chest pains or heart palpitations while enjoying a sunny day in Florida, you will probably schedule a visit to the emergency room or with your physician. In either case, you might have to undergo tests or treatment to determine what is going on with your heart and take care of the issue. To minimize the risk of a medical malpractice issue, either you or your doctor might opt for a minimally invasive surgery.

Malpractice caps

One reason for a medical professional to choose a minimally-invasive test or treatment is that there are caps on her or his medical malpractice insurance. This means that insurance companies will only pay a specific amount for the plaintiff’s pain and suffering. To reduce the chances of you suffering an injury, surgical error or mishap due to negligence, doctors are hesitant to turn to more invasive means of taking care of patients.

Lower risk of infection

With a minimally-invasive surgery, there is less chance of the patient suffering an infection. While that infection might not be due to any type of negligence (it might be that the patient did not follow all aftercare instructions), its occurrence can still keep a patient from getting back to her or his life as quickly as possible.

Faster recovery

If you want to get back to your day-to-day life quickly, you might be better off choosing a minimally-invasive surgery. Besides getting back to your life, choosing a less-invasive surgery can shorten your recovery time in the hospital, which can result in a less-expensive hospital bill.

Better for the patient overall

Besides medical malpractice, risk of infection and recovery time, another reason to seriously consider a minimally-invasive surgery is that your chest pain is stable. There are some procedures that are not recommended for patients in this category, meaning that everyone involved is better off with a less-invasive medical option.

Less-noticeable scars

Some patients prefer not to make it public knowledge that they have had surgery. A less-invasive treatment or test is likely to result in a smaller, less noticeable scar. This means that you can go to the beach, gym or elsewhere without worrying about drawing attention to your medical scars, which you might not bear with pride.

Less pain

Compared to breaking a limb or suffering a burn, you likely prefer stubbing your toe, and the same applies to surgery. Minimally-invasive surgery often comes with minimal pain, which everyone prefers.

No matter how invasive the medical procedure, there are no guarantees when it comes to healthcare in Florida and elsewhere. If you think you may be a victim of medical malpractice, seek out an attorney to review your case.

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