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The unseen problems with electronic health care records

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2022 | Medical Malpractice |

As the world moves to everything digital, many industries move from a paper system to something more efficient, confidential and easier to use. While health care professionals in Florida test out the preferred software to protect and share patient health care data, there are inherent problems in all systems that should be constantly assessed by those in charge.

According to the Advanced Data Systems Corporation, there are several problems with moving patient files from paper to digital. While these issues may not always occur, they are things that require regular evaluation.

Could patient information get to the wrong people?

One concern is that once the information is digitized, it is vulnerable to computer hackers who steal important data. Any medical organization should have the proper protocols in place to keep patient information safe.

Another concern is problems with the design or interface of the system, which grinds work to a halt whenever access is triggered. Avoid this by choosing software designed for efficiency and user-friendliness

Problems with staff and training

Staff training is also a possible problem when it comes to digital medical records. Those who understand the technology should teach the less skilled workers, and emphasize the importance behind it to avoid problems or mistakes that can be dangerous to patients.

Although electronic data is valuable, it is still input by humans. This leaves room for error with any health care professional who is not thorough enough with evaluating and inputting the data.

Patients have a right to their privacy and to keep their information confidential. Organizations that breach that trust may be violating the law.



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