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What are the signs you have kidney disease?

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2022 | Medical Malpractice |

Kidneys are vital. Without them, bodies cannot filter waste from the bloodstream. Nor can they produce urine. Despite the seriousness of chronic kidney disease, many do not know they have it.

In a perfect world, doctors would immediately recognize when patients show the signs. Early treatment leads to better results. Medical professionals that inadvertently delay care may be guilty of medical malpractice. Unfortunately, some still miss the indicators. Everyone must be vigilant about watching for symptoms in themselves.


The evidence of kidney disease may be in your toilet. Raise the alarm if your pee has a different color or comes out foamy. Also, keep an eye out for blood. Urinating with unexpected volume, either more or less, is similarly worthy of attention. These are signs proteins could be leaking.


Kidney disease causes trouble with balancing nutrients and minerals. Dry, itchy skin typically results. While lotions and creams may reduce discomfort, they do not stop the underlying cause.

When kidneys are not functioning right, the body suffers from excess salt. Puffiness around the ankles and feet may occur. Additionally, there might be swelling around the eyes and hands.


If the body has trouble eliminating waste, it triggers nausea and loss of appetite. You want a second opinion should either of these ailments become persistent.

With this knowledge, you are more likely to notice if there are indicators of kidney disease. That said, there is no substitute for testing. When you harbor concerns about this precious organ, visit a medical doctor.



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