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I was hit by a drunk driver. What do I do?

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2022 | Car Accidents |

There is nothing worse than being in an accident. It is particularly frustrating if a drunk driver hits you, and you now have serious injuries. You can get compensation for those injuries by filing a personal injury suit.

Drunk driving is the cause of about 30% of traffic fatalities. This is according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. You can file a lawsuit for negligence or wrongful death. To win in either such case, you must show that the other driver was negligent.

If you file for negligence

You can sue for damages, including car repairs and medical bills as well as mental anguish and loss of income. You can also ask for punitive damages if you can prove the defendant was negligent.

Keep in mind that in Florida, if the defendant proves that you were also at fault, you will get less in damages. For example, if you were not paying attention before the accident, the court may rule you are 20 percent at fault. The court would then reduce your damages by 20 percent.

If you file for wrongful death

If a loved one dies as the result of drunk driving, you may be able to recover lost wages, both present and future. The court takes into consideration the deceased’s income and education among other factors. You can also sue the drunk driver’s estate for damages if that driver died in the accident.

If you have suffered because of an accident, hold the drunk driver accountable. Exercise your legal rights by taking that person to court.



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