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Do you have a traumatic brain injury?

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When you see uncontrollable bleeding or a broken limb, the harm is obvious. Less clear is the existence of a traumatic brain injury.

TBIs are serious injuries that need immediate attention. Quickly seeking medical care means less likelihood of suffering permanent cognitive ailments. Know the signs of cerebral damage.


Any severe blow to the head can trigger a TBI. Stay alert if you endure one of the following scenarios.

Car crashes are a leading cause of brain injuries. Even a minor fender bender creates the potential for one. Falling off a bicycle is another situation that spells trouble. Always wear a helmet when enjoying a ride.

Sports have a long history with TBIs. Contact activities, such as football and hockey, are major contributors. Skateboarding and boxing also present particular peril.

Even innocent falls can be a reason for concern. Tumbling down a stairway and sliding off a ladder are two accidents justifying a trip to the doctor.


Signs of a brain injury can follow incidents like the above. The moment they surface, seek the opinion of a medical professional.

A persistent headache is one hint of a TBI. Vomiting remains another clue. The same goes for seizures and pupil dilation. Take fluid draining from the nose or ears seriously.

Cognitive side effects are a worry, too. Slurring speech is a cause for concern. Confusion and mood changes are further red flags.

Brain injuries can have a devastating impact. You need the opinion of a doctor the moment you suspect one.



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