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What visas can business professionals apply for?

On Behalf of | May 14, 2022 | US Immigration Law |

As a foreign national who wants to work in America, you must have a work visa. Of course, many types of work visas are available to overseas professionals depending on the type of work they seek and what they may bring to the table.

These visas also differ depending on what the individual is after. So what are the major options for work visas?

Green cards and temporary visas

Forbes discusses the visa eligibility for business professionals who want a work visa. First, you have green cards. This proves permanent residency status, and some can obtain a green card via their job or their offer of employment. A green card lottery also exists.

Next up are temporary work visas. Temporary non-agricultural visas exist for foreign employees who work in industries that do not deal with agricultural things. While this allows non-U.S. citizens to work jobs, it only applies as long as the country does not have enough domestic workers to fill the spots. These are temporary jobs, such as seasonal travel destination jobs.

Exchange visitor visas

Exchange visitor visas also provide an option for some. This exists for work and study-based exchange visitors who wish to experience the culture and lifestyle of another country before returning home to their own. Examples include interns, doctors, college students, camp counselors, teachers, scholars, au pairs, trainees and professors.

Depending on the type of visa a person wants to go for, they will have different requirements to meet and paperwork to fill out. Due to the complex nature of immigration, it is important to have strong help where possible along the way.



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